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How it works

Eliminate Cavitation Problems

Boats that suffer from cavitation issues will benefit greatly from using a permatrim.

By increasing the size of the factory cavitation plate, by up to four times, and the additional benefit of the turned down sides, Permatrim reduces the chance for the propeller to draw in air that will create an air pocket around the Propeller - one of the causes of cavitation/ventilation.

By having a larger cavitation plate & the turned down sides, the Permatrim condenses/compresses the water around the Propeller helping eliminate the chance of air being drawn into the Propeller.

Common Cavitation Problems/symptoms:

  • Motor revs higher & noise level increases sharply but speed decreases
  • Motor could be trimmed too high, for the conditions or when transitioning to get onto the Plane.
  • Disturbed/aerated water from the hull hitting the Propeller,
  • Cavitation could be caused by badly placed transducer or through hull fitting
  • A hollow in the hull (also called a hook in the hull), worn/bent Propeller
  • From initial start – to get onto the plane, the engine seems to rev a lot but the boat stuggles to get up on the plane, you could have cavitation ventilation issues.
  • Revving hard but not going anywhere.
  • When cornering, the outboard motor revs up yet the boat stalls and the engine rpm & noise level increases sharply.

A Permatrim will help eliminate these Problems

Lowers planing speed

By increasing the size of the Factory cavitation plate by up-to four times, the Permatrim will provide a lot more stern lift, so you can stay on the Plane at a lower speed

In rough conditions it is far safer to be able to stay on the plane at a slower speed. Permatrim will help you do this by increasing the stern lift & trim control of your outboard/sterndrive.

Gets boats onto the plane faster

By increasing the size of the cavitation plate by up-to four times, the Permatrim increases the stern lift and trim control, to plane faster.

The Permatrim extends out past the end of the cavitation plate, to catch the wasted water from the top of the Propeller (the hump of water out the back), holding this water down and forcing it rearward, this increases the stern lift and thrust from your outboard/sterndrive from the same amount of rpm.

By having more stern lift and trim control, this allows you to holds the bow down and stern higher, so the boat will plane out flatter, which will help the boat rise up onto the plane easier, also providing better forward vision from not raising the bow so high.

Improve Rough Water Handling

A Permatrim enables a lot more control of trim angles and the ability to eliminate porpoising, and allows you to plane at a lower speed
Trim control is important as you need to be able to adjust your bow to suit the conditions and make your boating excursions safer and more comfortable
As the permatrim is up to four times larger than the factory cavitation plate, your trim control is greatly enhanced allowing you to trim the bow down hard in a rough head sea or will allow you to hold the bow higher in a following sea , giving you a lot more trim control, and a more comfortable ride.

Because a Permatrim gives you more trim control and stern lift, eliminating Porpoising issues is a breeze, just a small adjustment down on the trim button is usually all it takes to stop the Porpoising.

Always, remember to check the weather forecast before making a safe decision to go boating.