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Alex Swan

Really Great product & Service, completely improved my boats performance. Awesome

E. Dene Huntington

I found after PermatrimTM that the boat lifts up onto the plane faster, will stay on the plane at slower speeds and appears to handle better in rough seas. I have actually lifted 7 scuba divers with one tank each and all their gear on to plane. I am very pleased with PermatrimTM and it works as you claim

David Firkin

The benefits were many fold:

  1. No further problems were encountered with cavitation.
  2. Not only did the boat plane more quickly from a standing start, it was unnecessary for me to trim the motor each time as had been the norm with this and all boats I have had previous experience with.
  3. A most important additional benefit to me was lower speed before coming off the plane. Before PermatrimTMthe boat would come off the plane at 18mph, with PermatrimTM 12 mph. This meant less pounding and less stress on the craft, an important feature in wooden boats you haven't built yourself! Also, a more comfortable ride in a choppy sea which kept my wife and children happy.
  4. A strong, substantial boarding platform which offers protection for feet from the propeller blades....

Jim Bak

It certainly does all the things you claim. It cured the bow high attitude and is much improved in choppy water....

Norm Little

Having just fitted a PermatrimTM, I am pleased to report the following:

  1. The boat now planes faster and without the need of trim tabs.
  2. Does not fall off the water and slide back (as it used to).
  3. At 5 knots does not "wander" as before.
  4. My fuel savings are 16.5%.
  5. Have gained 3 knots at the same revs (with some loading)
  6. I now have a diving platform to stand on.
  7. The trim and fit on motor now has an affect on performance....

Dr David Cook

I have had a few runs now with the boat and have found that it does everything that you say. The top speed is up by about 8%, it rides more easily onto the plane and the water skiers say that they haven't had that agonising pull through the cold water before rising to the top. The petrol consumption is down and used out at sea it was much more easily controlled....